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20% Off Jungle Tiger Stripe + Rhodesian Woobies! SALE ENDS 3/23

Veteran Owned, Family Based In North Idaho 🇺🇸

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In the military we were taught don’t ever leave without your Wooby.

The few that ever did would learn a hard lesson and never make that mistake again.

When you’re cold, wet, hungry and tired, the wooby always took care of you.

We used that feeling to help us create the WoobyHoody. That “go to” jacket that everybody loves.

Take it if you’re running errands, hiking, working out, or hanging out. It’s perfect for your go bag, back pack, emergency kit for the car, and your girlfriend, who’s gonna  steal it any way!

You'll thank us later!!

Blog posts

How To Stay Cool While Camping

If you’re planning to sleep under the stars this summer, you may wonder how to stay cool while camping. Fortunately, there are many great solutions. Nature provides many resources, such as wind and water, that can be strategically used to minimize heat. Plus, smart equipment decisions, like choosing a lightweight sleeping bag, can also be very impactful. 

How To Wash Your Woobie Hoodie

Wash with cold water on the delicate setting. Line dry, or dry on low heat with the gentlest setting. DO NOT BLEACH!...

Wholesale Inquiries

Looking to carry Wooby Hoody in your store or want to customize your gear with custom embroidered logos? Please email our team for pricing

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