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How To Stay Cool While Camping

How To Stay Cool While Camping

How to Stay Cool While Camping

Summer camping can be a lot of fun, but only if you can beat the heat! High temperatures can sap your energy in the daytime, yet make it hard to sleep at night. That’s why keeping the weather in mind as you prepare for your trip and set up your camp is important.

If you’re planning to sleep under the stars this summer, you may wonder how to stay cool while camping. Fortunately, there are many great solutions. Nature provides many resources, such as wind and water, that can be strategically used to minimize heat. Plus, smart equipment decisions, like choosing a lightweight sleeping bag, can also be very impactful. Below are a few ways to ensure a cooler, more pleasant summer camping experience.

Use Shade

One of the easiest ways to avoid the high heat of a summer camping trip is to set up your tent in areas that are already cooler. Manmade structures and natural features, like tall trees and rock formations, can help block the sun out. This is great because without the sun beaming down directly on your camp, you’ll be able to stay a few degrees cooler.

However, shadows will shift as the day progresses, so you must be careful when selecting a spot. To maximize the shade, be sure to use a compass to guide your choice of location, and factor in the fact that the sun will move across the sky between sunrise and sunset.

Take Your Camp Down During the Day

When you’re enjoying the scenery and surroundings of your campsite, it can be nice to spend time in the sunshine. However, there’s no need for your tent to bask in the sun too! When summer camping, it’s actually a really good idea to put your tent away when it’s not in use.

Not only will this help preserve the longevity of your tent, since baking in the sun all day can damage the material, but this will also keep you cooler when night comes. That’s because your tent can actually trap the warmth of the sun’s rays. So while it can be inconvenient to reset your tent every evening, this step will prevent you from having to sleep with the heat accumulated throughout a long day.

Swimming (If You Can)

Water can provide many cooling benefits. For instance, pitching your tent on a shore can really help just because temperatures are typically lower in areas next to water. Another great way to keep from sweating too much is to jump in the water yourself!

Taking a dip in a nearby lake can be a great way to cool down using nature’s resources. The best part is that swimming will provide immediate relief from the heat. It’s the best way to cool down quickly before bed or during the hottest part of the day. However, not all campsites have accessible bodies of water, so this is not always an option.

Face Your Tent Toward The Breeze (If Possible)

Heat can build up in places where the air is stagnant and still. Therefore, it’s wise to make use of the wind when you want to stay cool. A nice breeze keeps things moving and circulating, lowering the temperature. Of course, this will only work when the wind is blowing. However, even the slightest breeze can still help chill things down.

So when setting up your camp, you should ensure that your tent is facing the wind, if available, to maximize the cooling benefit. You can check a weather app if you aren’t sure which way it’s blowing. Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional approach, you can lick your finger and hold it straight up in the air. If it feels colder on one side, you’ll know that’s where the breeze is coming from.

Bring a Lighter Sleeping Bag

If you’re wondering how to stay cool while camping, consider your sleeping bag options carefully. Some camping equipment is going to be seasonal, which means that a sleeping bag for summer camping might be a bit different than the one you use when there’s a chill in the air.

Even though the temperature will drop after dark, nights can still be toasty when you’re camping in the summer. To make sure you can sleep comfortably and avoid overheating, it’s important that you choose a light sleeping bag that is designed to keep you cool.

Wooby Hoody sleeping bags are made with a 100% ripstop nylon shell and have polyester insulation. They’re very lightweight and are specifically designed to work for many types of weather and occasions. This means that they’re ideal for summer camping, and can help ensure that you get a good night's rest as you sleep beneath the stars. 

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