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      What’s the Difference Between a Zip-Up Hoodie and a Regular Woobie Hoodie? 

      The difference between the zip-up and pullover styles is largely based on personal preference. Both are made of the same high-quality materials designed to last, both will keep you warm and comfortable even in the freezing rain, and both come in camouflage patterns and colors designed to help you blend in and feel at home in the outdoors. 

      The pullover has a front kangaroo pouch pocket that goes all the way through, allowing for faster and more efficient warming of your hands. It’s got a drawstring hood and elastic bands around the wrist cuffs and waist. 

      The zip-up has two side pockets instead of one front pocket, and the Gen 2 includes several additional features, which are described below. 

      What Kinds of Zip Up Hoodies Do You Have? 

      We have two styles of zip-up hoodies available- the Gen 1 and the Gen 2. The Gen 1 style comes in black military camo. The Gen 2 comes in several more designs, including brown camo, woodland, jungle tiger stripe, desert tiger stripe, ranger green, and Rhodesian. In addition to the black military camo and midnight strike black. 

      What’s the Difference Between Your Gen 1 and Gen 2 Hoodies? 

      Our Gen 2 hoodies feature several key upgrades to improve their versatility and usefulness. These include:

      A stronger zipper to increase the lifespan of the hoodie 

      Adding zippers to the pockets to secure your belongings during bumpy rides

      An adjustable waistband to be more adaptable to larger or more athletic body types

      Two inside pockets for extra storage 

      A more tailored, close-fitting cut keeps you comfortable and allows for an outer shell in extreme winter conditions.

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