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How It All Started

How It All Began

My name is TJ White, and I'm the founder of Wooby Hoody.

I grew up in a couple small towns in SE Kansas. As a kid I was in and out of trouble a lot. My goal in life was to be a Ranger but by the time I was old enough to join I was on juvenile diversion for all the good times I was having.

This helped straighten out my life. Realizing that if I ever wanted to reach my goal I needed to get my shit together. At 19 I was completely out of trouble and headed to the Army.

After finishing Basic, Airborne and RIP, I was stationed at Ft. Lewis with 2nd Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. This was the start of something in my life that I wouldn’t realize until a few years ago. I went on 7 combat deployments, 4 on the line and 3 in Recce.

The amount of knowledge I gained in a place like that, with absolute professionals by my side and living a life that every kid dreams of, I'll never be able to measure but the dividends continue to pay me daily.

Traveling The World

I took the values and work ethic with me to my next chapter in life. I started working as a security contractor overseas. Making more money than I had ever made in my life and plenty of free time I decided to start seeing the rest of the world.

I would research my next destination at work and when I was off work, my only rule was all my things had to fit in a 45L backpack.

This made for some very fun times and a couple of miserable times. This was just figuring things out and solving problems. Most of the countries I visited I did not speak their language. This brought me to places like Patagonia, Belize, and 13 countries in 15 days.

This eventually lead me to Costa Rica where I met my future wife.

Taking planes, trains, buses, boats, motorcycles, walking, and even hitchhiking a couple of times I got to really understand my value, capabilities, and mental strength.

Birth of Wooby Hoody

One item that stayed with me through all of this was my wooby.

Every deployment. Every trip overseas for work. Every backpacking adventure I took to explore new parts of the world. I learned the value of having this very early in the Army. This is what pushed me to start WoobyHoody.

Wooby Hoody is the comfort and warmth I felt when I was cold, wet, hungry, and tired in the Army. It’s the security of something familiar in an unfamiliar place.

Wooby Hoody represents the lessons I learned the hard way and belief that no matter how hard things are or how beat you feel, if you just get up and keep going things are going to work out in your favor.

Family Business

Now my wife Diana and I live in beautiful North Idaho with our two incredible (twin) boys.

We pride ourselves on setting an example for our sons and being a positive influence in their lives. We fully embrace being outdoors and family bonding through many adventures, together.

Prioritizing our family and building a business is very demanding but the sense of
the accomplishment from our satisfied customers and our sons seeing first-hand what hard work and success look like make it all worth it for us!

We appreciate your support of our small family business more than you'll ever know 🇺🇸

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