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Based on customer feedback we've re-engineered our full length zippered Wooby Hoody to be better than ever! We've taken the US military poncho liner and transformed it into a lightweight, comfortable and durable outdoors jacket to be a must have for every adventure! Features hook and loop patch area on the upper neck (patches sold separately)

Water and weather resistant + fast drying!

All new improvements include:

  • plastic dipped heavy duty hoodie pull strings
  • all new elastic wrist cuff design for improved comfort and fit
  • heavy duty zipper and zipper toggle
  • zipper baffle with extra thick material to prevent zipper catching and prevent wind chill from the zipperline
  • relaxed waistline with adjustable drawstring cord to battle the elements


100% ripstop nylon shell and polyester insulation. 

It’s comfortable, light weight and weather resistant!

•Washing instructions: 

Machine wash cold with like colors.

Gentle cycle. 

Line dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Scott Ambort
Bought as a gift

Purchased as a gift. Arrived quickly, packaged well. Impressed with the quality.


Not durable. It’s shiny and easily tears. Don’t buy for a practical use jacket.

R. Killam
Almost a perfect light loft layer. Almost.

I've been wearing this pretty much every day since I got it, in cold weather and on a few hikes, and it's good, but there were a couple issues.

By far the best part of this thing (besides the fact that it comes in brushstroke) is the stash pockets on the inside. A bit small but they're just right for a pair of light gloves, they get warmed up by your body heat and your gloves are toasty when you put them on. A protein bar fits nicely in the other one, same deal, it gets warmed up so it's not a brick when you eat it.

The woobie material and tighter fit makes this an excellent layer under a hardshell and gives just enough space to wear a waffle top under it. It's very smooth, so it won't bunch up when you wear this as part of a layering system and you have some great freedom of movement while layering it. By itself it's awesome in the high 30's and 40's, with a waffle top or more layers under and over it you can easily stretch this thing down to the teens or single digits. It's also breathable enough that you don't boil yourself while you're on the move.

The handwarmer pockets on the outside are good, big enough for a hand with a light glove on. The full zip is the biggest reason why I picked this specific jacket, you can't vent a pullover-style hoodie if you start to overheat - you have to take it off, wasting time. This one, you just unzip the front. Too easy.

The flag patch at the base of the hood is a neat little addition. I've got a Pineland Resistance Force patch on there

Now for the issues.

The hood has a cinch string but it's a shoelace. It doesn't have any way to stay cinched besides the way the knot is tied on the end, you pull on it and it just goes right back to being loose as soon as you let go, or you spend far too long fiddling with the knot to tighten it down. I replaced it with some shock cord and a couple of cord locks (the little plastic things that pinch down on the cord and you squeeze them to let the cord move freely) and that fixed that issue.

My biggest frustration was actually related to the cord locks at the hem of the jacket. There's shock cord around the hem so you can tighten it and keep drafts out (good call), but the shock cord keeper on one side broke the first time I pulled on the cord. I can still use the other side to tighten it, but it's only a matter of time before that cord lock breaks, too.

Fit and finish quibbles, the hood feels a bit too small for its size so it doesn't really cinch down all that much, the zippered front could stand to come up a bit higher to cover the neck when fully zipped, the back of the hoodie sits a bit high and can ride up when you bend down with the hem tightened (exposing the small of your back to the cold wind), and I think it'd look better with green or brown zippers instead of black. I like the closer fit of this hoodie, but it could really stand to have about 3 more inches of length.

I know I'm describing more the shape of a technical light loft layer, but I feel like with these improvements this thing would be up there with loft layers that are two to three times the price of this hoodie.

The material still punches well above its weight despite having been invented in the early 1980's, the Rhodie Brushstroke pattern is cool as hell, and the price point is still great for what you're getting. 4/5 stars, I'd still recommend this over other brands even though I feel like there's room for improvement.

John Oster

Way better than original. Sizes run small go up one for sure. Like it a lot.

Very disappointed in the quality

It’s advertised as a heavy duty jacket, but it has immediately started fraying and having little rips occur from light use. It’s also very shiny which makes no sense for camo. Do not buy if you want to wear it outside and be active. Was really excited to find what looked like a good jacket in Rhodesian camo. It is comfortable and light weight. Not durable at all.

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