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How To Wash Your Woobie Hoodie

  1. Wash with cold water on the delicate setting.
  2. Line dry, or dry on low heat with the gentlest setting.
  4. Or don't wash it at all and let your woobie hoodie *marinate* (subject to spousal approval). 

Do You Need to Wash a Woobie Hoodie?

Yes! Like any other hoodie, it is probably a splendid idea to wash the stank off. Some soldiers believe woobies are built to age naturally and never be washed. Woobie hoodies share this myth with the cast-iron skillet. Cleaning it won't ruin the seasoning! 

How To Wash a Woobie Hoodie

The best cleaning operation is to toss the hoodie in the washing machine with cold water and on delicate. Then dry it at a low temperature and again on the gentlest setting or hang to air dry.

Bleach is like kryptonite to woobie hoodies. It's the one thing that could really mess up your hoodie.

One soldier on reddit shares their cleaning regimen for their woobie:

  • Put it in the washing machine on whatever setting cleans things.
  • Put it on the dryer with the setting that dries things. 

They say that everything has come out ok. You can read what the woobie community says about washing them here

Will Washing My Woobie Hoodie Affect Its Durability?

Washing your woobie hoodie will not affect its durability. Woobies can withstand more than a tame drying machine! If you don't use bleach on your hoodie, good luck finding what will damage it. Woobies are tough as hell and could last a lifetime. 

Some primary aspects of maintaining the durability of your hoodie when cleaning them are cold temperatures and delicate settings. Remember that line drying is always the best option for drying.

Unless you plan to marinate in the bouquet of funk, knowing how to wash a woobie hoodie is the best thing you can do to extend the lifespanBuy your woobie hoodie today!

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