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How Warm is A Woobie?

How Warm is A Woobie?

It’s no secret that we love our woobies. Whether used as a hoodie or as a sleeping bag, we take our woobies everywhere to be ready for any adventure. 

Frequently Asked Question: How Warm is a Woobie?

Let’s give you a quick answer first. On its own, a woobie can keep one warm in 50-60°F weather. As the temperature drops, the less effective it is on its own, but when paired with another woobie or used as a liner for a poncho, jacket, or sleeping bag, it can continue keeping a person warm. 

What is a Woobie? 

A woobie, or a poncho liner as the U.S. Military officially calls it, is made by constructing two layers of nylon ripstop fabric. These layers are quilted together with polyester insulation in between. They are light and extremely compactable to where the military-grade size woobie (82” by 62”) can be folded to fit in a rucksack or a cargo pocket with ease. 

Beloved by the military, survivalists, and hunters alike, woobies have risen to become one of the most essential pieces of gear to have on hand.

Can a Woobie Be Used as a Sleeping Bag?

Absolutely! Military personnel often use poncho liners in place of sleeping bags when camping or on deployments in warmer weather environments. Though woobies provide less warmth than a sleeping bag, they are much lighter and easier to carry. They can also be used as a ground cloth or a windbreaker. 

Will It Keep Me Warm?

We gave you the quick answer above, but let’s go deeper into that answer. The U.S. Army first designed woobies in the 1960s during the Vietnam war, and their original use was to keep soldiers warm during the winter months. With the standard materials of nylon and polyester, staying warm, dry, and comfortable is guaranteed. 

A woobie can be used on its own or used to line a poncho, a jacket, or a sleeping bag. Of course, these are not the only ways to use a woobie, and it is quite versatile in its use. On its own, a woobie can keep a person warm and dry during 50-60°F weather. If the weather does get colder, you will want to use the woobie as a liner for a poncho or in a sleeping bag to make sure that you are still warm and comfortable.  

If you’re looking for recommendations for woobies in blanket form, we have you covered. Our blankets are perfect for sitting around the fire on a cool night or laying out in the sun on a warm spring day. 

If you’re looking for recommendations for the perfect woobie that would accompany you on all of your outdoor adventures, look no further than one of our Woobie hoodies. We would never recommend something that we don’t love, so we are sure you will love them so much that you won’t want to leave home without them.

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