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This lightweight all-purpose blanket/bag is perfect for almost any occasion. It’s our beloved Wooby with a heavy duty zipper for added convenance.

It works as a blanket for cozying up by the fire or laying on during a sunny day at the park.

Zip it up and use it in your hammock or tent on those chilly nights.

It also comes with our lightweight stuff sack for quick storage when it’s time to pack up.

Shove the bag in, cinch it up and you’re ready to go!




100% ripstop nylon shell and polyester insulation. 

•Washing instructions: 

Machine wash cold with like colors.

Gentle cycle. 

Line dry.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Love this

Been trying to find a wooby ever since the Army made me give mine back. Love that it can be used as sleeping bag.

Chad B

Loving supporting a veteran owned company that makes quality products. Perfect bag in gods plaid.

Leo Ford
Woobie bag…

Good build, seems like it would keep me comfortable…but considering I’m in Texas and it’s 102F outside I will wait to confirm. Moreover, I wish I could get anyone’s attention in the customer service department to find out when the Woobie hoodie in woodland or Rhodesian will be back in stock for XL…

Not authentic

This isn't a real issue poncho liner, nor does it even come close. Once you see it in person you can tell it's a cheap gimmicky chinese copy with a zipper sewn in. The colors are WAY off from the real deal; it's really obvious.

Brandon W
Perfect warm weather bag or cold weather bag insert

Snagged one of these bad boys for warm weather camping and as something to add to my emergency kit, it is great! I have also used it as a bag insert when my 0 bag had to go below 0, it was a life saver. Since it weighs nothing, it’ll always be part of my gear. Definitely not my last one, thinking about springing for them for all my kids next. Of course, I myself had to have God’s Plaid.

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