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Tiger Stripe Camo

Our Woobie Hoodies are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Tiger Stripe camo is great for the outdoors or just keeping you warm in the winter.

  • What is tiger stripe camo?
      • Tiger stripe camo is a camouflage pattern with dark green and dull brown colors. It was originally developed for military, close range use in dense jungle warfare scenarios. 

  • What militaries use tiger stripe camo? (This one you can talk about the history of tiger stripe camo)
      • Originally, the Vietnamese army used this camo. The US Navy, Army, Marine corps, Green Beret, and Air Force all used some form of Tiger stripe camo for their uniforms during the Vietnam War, mostly as a result of working with the south vietnam troops.


  • Is tiger stripe camo still used?
  • No. The Tiger pattern was phased out after the Vietnam war. The standard uniform changed to the woodland camouflage pattern.

  • How warm are your tiger stripe hoodies?
      • Very! Going to New Zealand? Bring it. Going to Europe? Bring it. Going to rainy Seattle? Bring it! It helps in many weather conditions, keeping you warm in up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 
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