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Based on customer feedback we've re-engineered our full length zippered Wooby Hoody to be better than ever! We've taken the US military poncho liner and transformed it into a lightweight, comfortable and durable outdoors jacket to be a must have for every adventure! Features hook and loop patch area on the upper neck (patches sold separately)

Water and weather resistant + fast drying!

All new improvements include:

  • plastic dipped heavy duty hoodie pull strings
  • all new elastic wrist cuff design for improved comfort and fit
  • heavy duty zipper and zipper toggle
  • zipper baffle with extra thick material to prevent zipper catching and prevent wind chill from the zipperline
  • relaxed waistline with adjustable drawstring cord to battle the elements


100% ripstop nylon shell and polyester insulation. 

It’s comfortable, light weight and weather resistant!

•Washing instructions: 

Machine wash cold with like colors.

Gentle cycle. 

Line dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Tracey Garland

Great product!! Will buy again!!

Kristin Love
I love this!!

My third WoobyHoody I've bought this month. I have several from other companies, but these have lots of pockets and fit great 👍

Cade Ellison

Great quality!

Jack Burns

What an awesome jacket! Perfectly light and can be jammed into a stuff sack while in the move!

John L
Love it. Highly recommend.

Okay. I spent much time with my woobie at Benning, Lewis, NTC, and in Iraq...Yakima too and anywhere else I got sent with 2/A/1-23. And let's not forget the smoking jacket, both Critical pieces of gear. Raub Nash and I spooned extra hard one November night with frost on the ground in IOBC and the woobie is probably what got us through. Anyway, I ordered a few Wooby Hoody's (Gen 3)...and by chance I live in the same town the company is in so they were here fast. Let me tell you, life changing gear. I felt like posting on Instagram even though I don't do that. Or doing an ad campaign sponsored by myself. Love it. My kids love it. The most comfortable thing ever and warm. I mean seriously...woobies and smoking jackets don't exactly "breathe" so these things are warm...and soft. It makes me want to go back to the days of wrapping up in my woobie with my smoking jacket on when it is just ripstop nylon (or whatever it is) sliding against ripstop nylon and you don't know where the slip begins and the slide ends. Is my woobie over my smoking jacket? Am I totally covered? Don't know and don't care cause it is just pure comfort. A smoking jacket with a hood, but roomy and cut right with elastic cuffs, some zippered pockets, drawstrings for hood. Holy smokes I could go on. Part of me never wants to take it off but I'll have to wash it someday...unlike the old ones I had that never saw a wash during the Army days. My kids are obsessed and want their own. My wife wants one, just not in camo. Whatever, plenty of options. I should throw one in each car for emergencies. Anyway, totally love it. Get some.

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