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This lightweight all-purpose blanket/bag is perfect for almost any occasion. It’s our beloved Wooby with a heavy duty zipper for added convenance.

It works as a blanket for cozying up by the fire or laying on during a sunny day at the park.

Zip it up and use it in your hammock or tent on those chilly nights.

It also comes with our lightweight stuff sack for quick storage when it’s time to pack up.

Shove the bag in, cinch it up and you’re ready to go!



100% ripstop nylon shell and polyester insulation. 

•Washing instructions: 

Machine wash cold with like colors.


Gentle cycle. 

Line dry.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Please make more!!!!

They are sold out I will order five of these right now, you tell me when I can and the moneys yours…yes I know this isn’t a lot to you, but please bear in mind this is fairly significant for me individually…sorry but I really will order five of these when available I promise right now


Really solid materials make this a great purchase. First time using this material, and I’m really impressed with the lightweight to warmth value.

Bobby Van
So comfy it helped with insomnia.

As we all know, the woobie or poncho liner was always the best issued piece of gear we got from cif. To me it seemed warmer than my sleeping bag. Maybe it was just my imagination, or maybe its because the same sleeping bag was issued to a hundred dudes before me and the insulation was in a lump at the bottom, either way, I would curl up in my woobie, and I had always wished I could zip it up like a sleeping bag... well, I finally bought on for myself to use every night as a blanket/sleeping bag.
I've been out for awhile now and have had trouble sleeping ever since.
The first two nights I slept in it, I woke up late for work. I usually have trouble sleeping, however the woobie sleeping bag was so comfy, and it reminded me of cold nights out in the field or the desert, when the woobie kept me warm, I got some very good sleep.
I knew it wouldn't disappoint and I wish I could have bought one while I was still in.
I think they should issues a woobie sleeping bag with every cold weather sleep system. I live in Alaska and I am looking forward to using mine all winter.

Avery T
Freakin Awesome

I received the tiger stripe wooby sleeping as a gift from my dad. It is very comfortable, warm, and I’m able to use it in the house or on the go as I please.

Thanks dad freaking awesome gift!!!!

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